How We Are Different

The Law Office of Laura E. Cowan is a law firm located in midtown Manhattan. What makes our firm different from a “typical” estate planning firm? For starters, we understand that you are busy! Busy building a family, a career, a home, a prosperous future. You want to be sure you’re making the right decisions for yourself and your loved ones, and that your plan will work when it is needed most. You need to know that your children will be taken care of if anything happens to you. In short, you want lawyers who will help you through every stage of life’s journey, and do so in the most convenient, courteous, and effective manner possible.

At The Law Office of Laura E. Cowan, we have developed unique systems to provide you with the counsel you need to build and maintain a life of prosperity and wealth, and to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a plan in place for the future. We encourage steady and open communication with all of our clients. This is why you are never considered “on the clock” when you call with questions. We bill on a flat-fee basis, with the fee agreed upon in advance, so you will never get a “surprise” bill from us in the mail. If you call or email, you won’t have to wait hours or days for someone to get back to you. When you want to meet with us, we will work around your schedule, not ours.

In addition, we strive to keep your plan up to date, taking into account changes in your family, your financial situation, and the law itself. We have created unique Membership Programs to accomplish this, providing you with a multitude of benefits for you and your family, and access to your lawyer at all times without being sent a bill.

Finally, we believe your financial wealth is only part of what you wish to pass on to your children and other loved ones. Our plans are designed to capture your values, stories, insights, and experiences. These intangible assets can be the most important thing you leave behind.