Meet Laura

I founded the Law Firm of Laura E. Cowan for one reason: to get rid of the old, broken-down estate planning model where complicated documents are prepared, no real relationship is formed, and the client is billed for every six minutes of their attorney’s time. Instead, I am taking an updated, contemporary approach to estate planning. My goal is to become a trusted advisor, guiding my clients through the complex and often confusing maze of financial and legal decisions, and to create plans that will ensure the well-being of their families. All of this is done at a flat fee pre-selected by the client.

The most important part of my practice is you. Listening to your concerns and creating plans that will take care of your family so you can live a quality life knowing you’ve done the right thing – that is why I’m here.

I practiced estate planning at a boutique law firm before opening my own practice. My legal expertise includes family protection, wealth preservation, and values-based planning, as well as planning strategies for single people, unmarried couples, blended families, and divorced individuals. I also excel in guiding my clients to pass on more than just their financial wealth – – intangible assets such as who you are and what is important to you are perhaps the most valuable assets of all.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School, and am licensed to practice law in both Minnesota and New York. I hold an inactive CPA license as well. I’ve lived in NYC for over 10 years, gaining valuable experience at companies including Ernst & Young and Goldman Sachs. I currently reside in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan.

I look forward to becoming a trusted advisor for you and your family.