Creating Your Family Legacy

Your loved ones will miss you deeply when you are gone. They will long for your words of encouragement and concern. Hearing your voice again is a tremendous gift. At The Law Office of Laura E. Cowan, we guide you to leave a legacy that includes much more than just your money.

Through our unique legacy process, you can give your loved ones a most precious gift – a lasting expression of your love. Is there anything more priceless?

We believe estate planning is not just about transferring your financial assets and personal belongings. It’s also about capturing and transferring your valuable intangible gifts: who you are and what’s important to you – your values, insights, stories and experiences.

Every one of our estate plans includes preparing a Family Legacy. It is part of how we help you capture and pass on more than just your money: your intellectual, spiritual and human assets, who you are, and what’s important to you.