Estate Planning: 3 Reasons We Run the Other Way

We understand. For some people, getting your estate plan done sounds about as fun as a root canal. However, we also understand that everyone wants to make sure their loved ones are protected, and their assets go to who they want, the way they want, no matter what. And you care about those things whether you are leaving $10 or $10mm behind, whether you are married or single, whether you have kids or not. That’s where Read More

Even Your Pet Needs An Estate Plan!

Pet obsession is nothing new, but social media has taken our love affair with animals to another level. Today, furry friends are considered more than just part of the family; they are stars on Facebook and Instagram. Some parents post more photos and videos of their animals than their children, and people are spending more money than ever on pet indulgences.  While fur babies have worked their way into a new place in Read More

Top 3 Estate Planning Mistakes Parents Make

MISTAKE #1: Thinking a Will is Enough If you are a parent of minor children, a will is necessary, as this is where you get in writing who you want raising your kids if something happens to you. There are many things a will does NOT do, however: It does not prevent your children from getting their inheritance on their 18th birthday.  It does not protect your children from losing their inheritance in a lawsuit, Read More

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Estate planning is a means of transferring wealth from one generation to the next while minimizing both taxes and the risk of loss to creditors. A comprehensive estate plan not only transfers cash, investments, and real estate, but also less commonly considered assets, such as intellectual property. While people in certain professions—authors, small business owners, and inventors for example—often recognize the need Read More

Will Versus Trust – Which is Right For You? The Answer May Surprise You!

A common question we get asked is “will versus trust - what’s the difference and why would I need a fancy trust when my estate is pretty simple?” Many people falsely assume that trusts are only for the wealthy, but the truth is, trusts offer huge benefits even to people with modest estates. Here are some reasons you may want to do a Revocable Living Trust instead of a Last Will & Testament.  1. Minor Read More

4 Reasons Everyone Needs an Estate Plan (Including You!)

Around three-quarters of millennials do not currently have an estate plan. Many Gen Xers have also not made a plan for their assets, property, or loved ones in their absence. Plenty of young families, even those with minor children, have not created an estate plan because they either envision their death to be decades away, don’t think they have an estate big enough to warrant planning, or are simply uncomfortable Read More