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We believe in providing top notch, affordable legal services, and are proud of the work we have accomplished for our clients. Here are some things our clients have said about their experience working with us:

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Our relationship with Laura started with a very informative estate planning information session which clarified many open questions that we had about wills and trusts in a relaxed but very professional and not high-pressure sales pitchy way. When we decided to proceed with our estate plan Laura was very organized, thorough and accommodating in meeting with us, explaining our options and rolling with all of our changes and complexities. Definitely recommend.

Steve S.

Laura was extremely helpful she spends time explaining and answering any questions you may have. She also followed up with me several times to make sure that I had handled my responsibilities. You don’t feel like you’re just dealing with a firm; you’re dealing with a professional who cares about you and your future.

Sophie W.

After hearing Laura Cowan speak about wills and trusts, I made an appointment with her to revise the outdated estate plan for my husband and me. She explained all the options, answered all our questions (some of them multiple times!), and followed up with us as needed. We are thrilled with the end result. We felt like we were in very good hands. She is a delight to work with.

Sharon L.

Throughout the entire estate planning process, Laura was very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. She took the time to thoroughly explain everything and made sure that all questions were answered. Highly recommend her services to anyone needing an estate planning attorney.

Samuel W.

Superior service, superior product. Laura listened to what I wanted/needed, and I left with information and materials that I understood and met all legal and personal requirements.

Robert C.

Used Laura’s services to create a long overdue will. She was awesome. Knowledgeable of all available products and provided great advice, especially since my situation is atypical. Always available to answer questions and so responsive with great advice. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to establish a will or trust. Couldn’t be happier Laura is a true professional who is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She is extremely attentive to details and client concerns. Laura provides excellent advice which guides the client in making sound decisions. I would definitely recommend Laura Cowan to anyone in need of a fine attorney.

Rick P.

I recommend her highly for estate work. Personable, knowledgeable and responsive. I worked with a lot of lawyers in my career as a bank president, but she is one of the few I would recommend.

Randall B.

Laura Cowan was professional and got the job done. I was very satisfied with my experience with her law firm. I will definitely be recommending Laura to friends and family in need of a great estate planning attorney. Thank You Laura!

Nir Y.

In February 2019, I began to look for a FEMALE estate planning lawyer online. Not many names came up. Laura Cowan was the name I chose first. Her website at the time (recently revised) indicated she offered individual guidance, set fees made clear in advance, and yearly complimentary document review once an estate plan is in place. I signed up for an individual consultation in March 2019. Laura laid out multiple options and their consequences, using my own financial data as the example. It was an excellent session and totally free! Already in the email confirming my appointment, Laura assured me there was no obligation. I could follow up immediately with her. Or, if I wasn’t ready to move forward, that was fine, too. In fact, I have not been able to proceed, mostly due to my own indecision about what I want done and whom I trust to do it. When I figure that out, Laura Cowan will make it happen. She emails me from time to time to see how my decision-making is progressing. I don’t do online evaluations for anyone. But I’m posting this review for Laura because she has provided me with welcome information and significant peace of mind. I consider her my partner in this very important end-of-life planning. Also, I think many people will benefit from her expertise and her generosity.

Kristine R.

Laura did a workshop with us at NAPO NY, and she gave us very valuable content and information. We learned about the difference between a will and a trust, and about the importance of planning ahead. I highly recommend her!

Mushky F.

The most seamless process to set up our family’s legacy documents. Our Estate Plan is in place and now we can live forward knowing that we don’t have to worry.

Klara C.

Laura is great! She helped our family get the right protection and gave useful advices all along the process. Would definitely recommend!

Julien C.

Laura is very knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. Not only does she take the time to fully understand your needs and answer all of your questions, she makes sure you have answers to the questions you didn’t know to ask. Highly recommended.

Jason L.

Laura is a true professional who is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She is extremely attentive to details and client concerns. Laura provides excellent advice which guides the client in making sound decisions. I would definitely recommend Laura Cowan to anyone in need of a fine attorney.

Gary B.

We worked with Laura for the creation of my parents’ trust. From the very first meeting which takes place at her free orientation seminar she is wonderful. Laura does such an amazing job of explaining your options and answering every single question that they (and my sister and I) had, we all felt 100% comfortable working with her. Before meeting her, I was intimidated by the process, but after the orientation knew she was the best person for us to work with. And we all highly recommend her.

Cionin L.

I was referred to Laura by a friend, because I recently had a baby, my first baby. I’m a little bit of an older dad, so I KNEW that I needed to figure out not just a basic Will, but also to do a real Estate Plan. I had a consultation with Laura, and she pointed out to me the PERFECT Estate-Plan setup for my situation. She also pointed out that the Will I had created 7 years ago on Legalzoom-dot-com not only wasn’t valid, but that I hadn’t even notarized it and it was setup in a different state, so my estate would have been totally contested and sent to probate if I had not setup a plan for myself. Laura came to my office (huge timesaver for me!) b/c our offices were sort of close to each other, and she mapped out how it all works. There were many things that I had no idea of, in spite of having family members in the Law! I answered an online questionnaire. Afterwards, she put everything together and we met a third time for her to deliver the “Binder” to me with all my documents. It was perfect – everything all in one place. She even prints up a laminated “Family Emergency Who to Call” card that I can keep in my wallet. Honestly, it’s the coolest thing you’ll ever see. I put it in my wallet and now I have so much peace of mind that I didn’t have before. That’s my story of my estate plan doc creation with Laura Cowan. I give her the highest recommendation for this area of the law!

Ben P.

We used Laura to create a revocable living trust for us. Her knowledge in this field which included extensive reviews of the various options we had is second to none. Everything was done on time and she was extremely flexible with meeting times and locations due to my father’s health. We would highly recommend Laura for any type of estate planning services.

Neil S.

We found Laura through a recommendation from our financial adviser. From our first contact with Laura we knew she was one to do our estate planning. Laura is easy to work with and quickly feels like she is part of the family. Laura explains everything in layman terms and is always accessible by email or phone.

David F.

My husband and I recently worked with Laura to create a revocable living trust and an estate plan. She walked us through everything from beginning to end and made the entire process very easy to understand. We are also in the process of buying a house, and she went above and beyond to create additional documents that we need to put the house in our trust from day one. Great work and a joy to work with – thanks Laura!

Dewey F.

I reached out to Laura on the suggestion of my sister, who is a law professor, and I could not be more pleased with the entire process. Laura is extremely knowledgeable and really takes the time to explain the pros and cons of all options. She answers all questions cordially and promptly via email, and in person she is warm and easy going. I would recommend Laura’s practice without hesitation.

Nini M.

Laura presented to us at NAPO and her seminar got rave reviews. I was always a bit daunted by the whole estate planning process, but Laura explained it in a way that made it understandable and relatable. She was patient and thorough in answering our questions, and I was relieved to learn her fees are reasonable, especially considering all the accolades she’s received! I give her my highest recommendation.

Katie M.

As someone who likes to plan ahead, having an estate plan was very important. After quite a bit of research, I had decided that creating a living revocable trust was the best decision for me. It would be less expensive in the long run and should be easier to manage for those I leave behind. I spoke with a number of estate lawyers about creating these documents and each one of them only spoke about creating a will. When I specifically asked about including a living revocable trust, they all tried to talk me out of it.
Then I attended a presentation by Laura Cowan. She clearly explained the importance of having your estate in order regardless of age, the differences between the estate documents, including a will and a living revocable trust and clearly answered everyone’s individual questions. I knew that day that she was the estate attorney I had been looking for.
I greatly appreciate Laura’s intelligence, work ethic, and positivity. However, what I value the most is her method of sharing her knowledge and then letting her clients make the decision regarding what is best for them.
Working as a Professional Organizer, I have the privilege of supporting families through the difficult time following the loss of a loved one. I have learned that this process is never easy, but can be so much more challenging if the estate was not in order. I also know that while we all plan to live long healthy lives, tragedy happens; my mother died when I was four, which was completely unexpected. Thanks to Laura, I am confident that I have a plan that will both protect and support my family. Having an estate plan is the best present you can give those you love and Laura Cowan is by far the best estate lawyer I have met!

Sarah W.

Laura was wonderful! My husband and I went to her to do our wills for the first time, knowing very little about estate planning or what the process entailed. Laura walked us through all of our options and explained everything clearly every step of the way. Also, her fees are very straightforward so we knew exactly what it would cost us to do this, which was refreshing. We’ve already sent some friends her way and could not recommend her more highly!

Olivia H.

Laura is conscientious and dedicated. The documents she prepared for me were complete and thorough and she explained the process and the documents in a way that was easy to follow, ie. without much legal jargon. Her prices are reasonable, especially for the level of service she provides.

Bill H.

We loved working with the office of Laura E.Cowan. She was a breeze to work with, diliently explained all pertinent information to us and did so in record breaking time per our request (so we could get things done prior to a new baby being born). I’d highly recommend her services to anyone looking for Estate Planning or similar help.

Alexandra T.

We worked with Laura to set up our estate plan documents. She was very knowledgable and helped us to make the best decisions for our family. I particularly appreciated her background in both law and accounting, and learned a lot from working with her. She was also very accommodating and efficient, helping us to complete the process quickly as we were expecting a baby within a few weeks of starting to work with her. I would definitely recommend working with her.

Chelsea C.

Laura just helped me get my will and power of attorney drawn up and I couldn’t be more happy with her work. She explained everything and answered my questions patiently and clearly and helped me figure out the best plan to fit my needs and income. She’s communicative, empathetic, efficient, and awfully nice to work with. Laura made a task I’ve been postponing and dreading forever quick and easy. I highly recommend her!

Chris H.

My wife and I used Laura to design and execute our estate plan. She is incredibly organized and efficient with her time. As parents of two young children we valued the time she spent explaining our options and the care she took in preparing our documents.
Laura goes above and beyond for her clients. I would certainly recommend her to individuals or families looking to set up a trust or will. If estate planning is something you’ve procrastinated on, Laura can help you get a great plan in place!

Rene H.

Laura is amazing – super friendly & knowledgeable, I was able to make appointments that were convenient for me, and she lead me to the plan that works best for my life, while answering all of my questions in terms that were easy for me to understand. I highly recommend Laura for any of your estate planning needs, you can’t go wrong!

Jamie R.

So happy with Laura and our experience making our estate plans! We had dawdled for years and she made what could have been a daunting process truly painless. She guided us to the best option for our family and was absolutely transparent as to pricing and services included. We would recommend her without reservation to anyone.

Moira V.

I reached out to Laura as I had some questions relating to estate planning. Although Laura was ultimately unable to help me, as I needed a lawyer based in a different state and she is a New York estate lawyer, she still took the time to answer all of my questions. I really appreciated her going above and beyond to help me find a good lawyer, even if it was someone other than herself! Very professional and I would recommend her to anyone.

Corie H.

Laura is a professional and was very responsive to our needs. She was efficient and clear, providing us with guidance and detail to fulfill our needs. She very effectively put in place just what we needed. I highly recommend her for her knowledge, responsiveness, clear communication and skilled guidance.

Gopal C.

We really enjoyed working with Laura Cowan on our estate plan. She is smart, professional, responsible and just good at her job. The entire process was quick, efficient and actually fun. We wish we could hire her to be our accountant, landlord and business manager, as well.

Lauren H.

Laura was informative and helpful through every step of the process. Her estate planning process is very structured and intuitive and provides ample time to make decisions and review and understand the ramifications of said decisions. She has an excellent ability to communicate complex legal concepts and is quite prompt when providing answers to follow-up questions. Her free informational seminars are a helpful first step to understand the benefits of a well-designed estate plan. She is a solid resource for those looking for estate planning guidance.


Working with Laura on my estate plan was a pleasure. She is comprehensive and diligent in her expertise and advice, responsive and erudite. I highly recommend her.